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PTO is Turning but Baler is not doing anything
 Check your sheer bolt. Most older balers have sheer bolts to protect the driveline, between the tractor and the gear box on the baler
Slip Clutch Slipping. It usually makes a noise and starts to smell burnt if its slipping, but if it is too worn it might not and may need replacing. Check for blockages or stuck chains/ bearings to see what is causing it to slip.
 Baler Is Running but Belts aren't Spinning
 Open the tailgate. On Many balers you have to shut the tailgate with the baler running, you may have to open it when starting the baler to get it going
Check Belt Tension. Refer to your owners manual and make sure your belts are running at the right tension. 
Worn Belts. If your belts are too worn they will have a hard time gripping when there is no hay in the chamber, you may need to replace your belts.
 Bales Are Coming Out Lop Sided

Improper Windrows/Driving. The best windrows are the width of your pickup and evenly distributed or less than half the width of your pickup, with weaving back and forth to even out the sides. The saying goes that if you fill out the sides the center will take care of itself.

Unevenly Worn Belts. If some of your belts are more worn or loose than the rest, than it will cause uneven bale forming. Sometimes you can shorten the belts so they're all about the same, but many times you will have to replace all belts.

 Bales Are Coming Out Too Loose

Improper Density Setting. Check your owners manual for how to set your baler to the proper setting

Worn Belts. Worn belts won't make as tight of a bale and will fit less hay into the bale.

Improper Ground Speed. If your pickup head is constantly clogging, you may need to reduce your ground speed.

 Twine Is Not Wrapping
 Make sure you still have twine left and ensure you have it tracked properly, check your owner's manual to be sure. 
Check to make sure the twine is not wrapping around a drive shaft.
Twine is to thick. On some balers you need thinner twine in order to fit properly and be pulled into the chamber.

Pickup Head Plugging

Improper Ground Speed. If your pickup head is constantly clogging, you may need to reduce your ground speed.

Too Large of Windrows. Try making smaller windrows, especially for older balers.

Hitch Pin Catching Hay. Someties on uneven fields or fields with large windrows, the hitch pin, connecting the tractor and the baler, will catch the hay and make a large batch of it, ussually without the operator knowing it, then it will suddenly come free and make itsway into the baler cloggig the pickup head. Shorter hitch pins and smaller windrows can help. You can also mount a rubber mat underneath the hitch to help hold the hay down It is also smart to use a locking hitch pin to prevent the pin from coming out.

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