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Baler Blog

Baler Blog

Round Balers for 40HP-50HP Tractors

Posted on November 8, 2018 at 3:00 PM

As the hobby farmer trend continues to grow, there is an increasing need for smaller equipment, much different from the trend only a couple of decades ago where machinery continued to get bigger and bigger. Small farms are again becoming a large portion of a machinery dealer’s sales. Between hobby farmers, weekend farmers, small organic farmers, and amish farmers there is a strong demand for equipment for tractors with 40-50 HP. Some manufacturers have realized this and have started, or have been, making round balers suited for small tractors.

New Holland has recently started building a fixed chamber baler, the RF series, using chain/slats to form the bale. New Holland got started in the round baler market by making chain and slat balers, but stopped production many years ago when their belt balers outshined their fixed chamber counterparts. These early chain/slat balers were big and awkward looking with no safety guards to speak of. The new ones look slick and light enough to be handled safely by a 40HP tractor. The RF balers use a roller to help start the bale and can be had with twine and or net. The RF series balers from New Holland require as little as 40HP and are affordable, starting in the mid 20’s for the most basic machine.

Krone’s Bellima series of round balers is another option for small tractors. These are also fixed chamber balers, but unlike New Holland the Bellima has an all roller design. Like the New Holland RF series,the Bellima balers are simple balers built for the small farmer. The Bellima balers can also be run with as little as 40HP

Other brands are starting to hop on the small tractor bandwagon as well and soon I expect there to be more choices for the small farmer. You can now find a round baler for almost any size tractor, just be sure to know how much baler your tractor can handle before purchasing one. You not only have to make sure you have enough HP to run the baler but also enough weight, especially in hill country, a lightweight tractor will be pushed around by a baler with a ful bale in it. What do you think of the small round baler market, is it just a fad? Or is it a long term thing? Let us know in the comments below!


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